What is influence marketing and why hire social media advertisers

Just about every marketing plan incorporates product promotion through a company’s website, in catalogs—even billboards. But brand strategists are now advising companies also include influence marketing in their toolkit. This is a strategy that taps big names in the industry who act as social media advertisers to help a company build product awareness through mentions, endorsements, testimonials, and product placements.

Influence marketing comes across as increasingly more credible and trustworthy than a company pitching its own products. It’s the best word of mouth recommendation a company can present on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. It’s also shown to be a highly effective means for reaching potential customers you might not normally touch with traditional marketing strategies. Studies show that influencers can drive higher quality leads by building excitement and enthusiasm around a product long before a customer ever contacts a company.

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This innovative form of marketing is growing in popularity not only because it works but also because it is so easily measured and tracked. Armed with big data capabilities, marketing managers have powerful visibility into what works and what doesn’t in real-time. Analytics can help in predicting customer behavior, while reports and processes can be easily refined to respond swiftly to trends.

Beyond offering agility, influencers can help a brand break beyond online ad blockers and spam filters. It also helps to circumvent social media and search engine algorithms, all of which could prevent a company’s message from reaching its target audience. 

So how can you get started? Begin to identify the individuals who have the greatest influence in your industry combined with the largest audience. This might include mommy bloggers, fitness blogs, or personalities on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Next, work with each to build a winning partnership, which might consist of product gifts in exchange for a mention, sponsored content, guest postings, contests, or influencer takeover, where that person manages your social media account for a certain period of time. Incorporating influence marketing with traditional strategies can notably amplify brand and product visibility. Contact Empyre Talent to learn more about influence marketing or to connect with leading influencers.

influence marketing

influencer marketing

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