Tips From Successful Trade Show Models

Modeling is a fairly competitive industry. That’s why we asked some of our most successful trade show models to share the secrets of always getting rave reviews and being re-booked by the same companies over and over again.

1) First and foremost, remember, that a trade show is an important opportunity for the hiring company. A company might be spending months preparing for a show. Make the success of the event just as important to you as it is to them. You will be provided with the company name in the confirmation email. Take a minute and check out the company’s website. Learn as much as you can before the show. This information may help you get a few extra links.

2) Most of the times the purpose of hiring a model for the event is to create excitement around the product and attract attention to the booth. That’s why ‘silent models’ never get good ratings. And while you are not expected to be an expert in the subject, a smile, direct eye contact and a five second elevator pitch is all you need to get the visitors break their stride, pause for a moment, and engage in a conversation. Coordinate the value proposition you give with the booth manager.

3) A happy model is a successful model. Think ahead of what you are going to wear on the show, bring a jacket and comfortable black flats to wear during the breaks, don’t forget to take some snacks with you. Have a good night sleep before the event.

4) Do not use your phone at the booth! That is a big no no, if you are shooting to become a successful model. It looks unprofessional and overall leaves a bad impression about you. If you absolutely have to check your email or make an important phone call, ask the booth manager if you can step aside for a minute.

5) In any other case when you need to leave the booth, first ask the booth manager.

6) Only apply to the events that you are able to work. If you can’t work the event, contact Empyre Talent manager at least 24 hours ahead. In case of any emergency on the day of the event, call one of our managers as soon as possible. The sooner you call us, the bigger the chance for us to find you a replacement. No call no show means that your profile will be flagged as unreliable.

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