How to become a trade show model

Are you new to the trade show industry? We have answers to all of your questions. If you are attractive, confident, professional and goal-oriented, you have all chances to become a trade show model.

-How do I get booked?
First things first. To become a trade show model you need to have a profile with a talent agency. The most important part of getting booked is creating an attractive profile. And when we say attractive, we mean a profile that will accurately represent your physical attributes and personality. Upload professional looking pictures. Along with two required head shots and full body shots, we recommend submitting pictures of you in business attire, with natural, professional looking makeup. Excess of airbrushing is not recommended, your pictures must look like you. Besides, you have a chance to express yourself in ‘Skills’, ‘Experience’ and ‘About me’ sections. You have a bartender license? Awesome! We have tons of alcohol promotions that require licensed staff. Do you have sales or customer service experience? Tell us about it! Do you have a business major? That’s perfect! Now about the booking process. Once we activate your profile, you will be receiving job invitations via email. In the email you’ll find event details, such as dates, times, rates, responsibilities and attire. If you are able to work those dates, simply click the attached link and that will let us know that you are willing to be booked for the event.
After that a customer will make the final choice and pick the model that fits best. The model will receive confirmation email with a contract to sign. After that the booking is complete.

-What do I do on the day of the event?
Make sure you carefully read the confirmation email, as it contains all the information you need regarding the date, time, location and any special instructions. To avoid unexpected delays, have your outfit ready before the day of the event. To get good reviews from the customer, be on time. Add extra parking time to your travel, as in most cases the trade show venue is going to be very busy. Keep in mind, that a trade show can add extra traffic to a usually not very congested road. In the confirmation email you will be provided with a contact name and phone number to call, once you get there. To confirm your arrival at the event, you will be asked to snap a quick picture of yourself at the time of arrival and send it right away to one of our managers. Also, please don’t forget to take a couple of pictures of you standing next to the booth. You will submit these pictures when the event is over. Empyre Talent reserves the right to use any of the pictures submitted by models.

-How do I get paid?

Once a customer submits a payment, you receive a paycheck in the mail.

-How do I ensure I get good ratings?
Most girls want to become a trade show model to work events on a regular basis. Models with good ratings are more likely to get booked often. The first and most important in getting good ratings, is receiving good feedback from customers. Being on time, looking professional and satisfying the attire description, performing required duties, being friendly and active. A great way to wow the customer on a trade show is to learn how to scan the crowd, make direct eye contact, greet attendees and encourage them to visit the booth. An experienced trade show model will ‘read’ visitors, engage them in a conversation and draw traffic to the booth.





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