Marketing and How You Can Do It Better

Marketing has become increasingly important as the number of different channels and methods of communication have exploded over the past few years. But many entrepreneurs aren’t sure where to begin or how to focus their marketing efforts to get the best return on investment (ROI). This article from Empyre Talent will help you better understand marketing, how it works, and where to put your time and energy for the best ROI possible.

Why Market?

Before you spend a dime on marketing, be sure you know why. Is it because your competitors are doing it? Because you want to drive awareness of your brand, product, or service? Maybe you need to drive traffic to your website to capture leads. Or perhaps you want to grow awareness in anticipation of future sales. If one goal trumps all others (say, raising money via crowdfunding), then go for it — but know why first.

The Message

Building a solid foundation for your marketing plan all starts with good messaging. Without clear messaging, you’ll end up spending time on marketing tactics that don’t work. UXPressia notes that by identifying your target audience and creating a persona, you can align your message with that customer persona to reach them effectively. Crafting a marketing message is an ongoing process that starts with some research and planning because if you don’t know who your customer really is or what they really want from your product or service (or if you don’t understand how your customer might engage with your product), how can you figure out what to say to them?

The Channels

CoSchedule points out that picking a marketing channel can be a tough choice. But if you’re trying to stand out in an increasingly crowded market, it helps to understand how each channel works before making a decision about which one to pursue. If your company or product makes sense for multiple channels, start by prioritizing which ones have better growth potential. There are now many different digital channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin. Each channel has its own benefits (for example, a large following on Facebook). Start with what works best for your product or service.

How Can You Tell if Marketing Worked?

Sales numbers. If your business doesn’t make money, you can’t pay your bills or hire more people — and if you aren’t making money, then none of your marketing efforts are working. When it comes to determining how effective your marketing is at boosting sales numbers (and reaching your overall financial goals), there are several different ways to calculate ROI.

Different Marketing Methods to Use

Be sure to leverage content and digital marketing methods, as well as tools, to ensure your message reaches your target audience. You may want to consider a website redesign or revamping your social media strategy if you find yourself having trouble getting noticed. It’s also a great idea to attend a tradeshow specific to your audience and hire an Empyre Talent model to help man the booth or hand out marketing materials and samples of your product.

And remember: Not every marketing channel will work for every business or industry. Be consistent — after figuring out what marketing approaches work best, ensure you execute them consistently.

Marketing Is Communication

Essentially, marketing is communication. For your business to grow at a sustainable rate, you need to communicate with people in a way that makes sense for their needs.